Toblen Stonehill

short young human male


Toblen has a narrow face, with thick copper hair and light brown eyes.


Innkeeper of Stonehill Inn in Phandalin. Kind and friendly, he mistakes Amber Fireforge for Riswynn Rockseeker, whom he was fond of.

Toblen offers the adventurer’s free room and boarding to adventurers in exchange for killing the goblin nest at Cragmaw Hideout. Upon the group coming back injured with Sidar Hallwinter, Toblen laments having sent such raw adventure’s to fight the goblin den, when they come back so battered and bruised twice. Upon learning that the adventurer’s hadn’t gotten rid of the goblins, he offers two nights more for free, but says he must start charging them after that.

Dislikes Grista, owner of the Sleeping Giant, because she gives free drinks to the Redbrand Ruffians who have been pressuring protection money from the other businesses and beating up locals.

Toblen Stonehill

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