Lucian Pentagast

half elf warlock sailor


Skinny, fair skinned, medium length blonde hair


Lucian was born a half elf in Baulder’s Gate. At a young age he was sold to a captain of a ship so his family could eat food. Captain Hollow owned The Twilight Crypt, whose home port was in the town of Waterdeep. Being handy with a sword, he began to teach Lucian sword play when he became ill one day and passed away.

After the death of Captain Hollow, First Mate Benjamin Coil wanted to have a word with all non humans. When he spoke with Lucian, newly promoted Captain Coil told him that the company he was wanting to work for didn’t want any non humans aboard his vessel. Seeing that he was a favorite of ex-captain Hollow, however, he promised to pay him a fair wage and also keep in contact. It wasn’t anything personal, just the standard of the company.
They dropped him off in Waterdeep, and parted ways.

Being 16 and alone also meant that he was going to have to do something fast. He went to the local tavern looking for work. That’s where he crossed paths with Johnny Charming. Johnny was a half elf just like him, and looking for a partner to help him out with a quick scam. He promised to pay well, and also give him a place to stay even. He agreed and they ran the scam which resulted in them both being locked up in jail for the night. The next morning Johnny told Lucian about several ideas he had and wanted to know if he was interested. Lucian agreed to help for a few months. Taken under the wing of Mr.Charming, Lucian learned quite a bit on how to use words to talk people out of things.

After a year or two algae passed, the urge to adventure overtook Lucian and he parted ways with his newly found friend. Promising to always stop in when he came back to Deep Water.

As Lucian set out for new adventures, he went to the docks in Waterdeep and asked around for companies who were hiring experienced sailors. Many laughed at his small eleven frame, and some even told him to stick to the land and maybe a tavern would hire him as a dish washer. Not giving up, he walked into the office of The Expedition, a shipping company with many fleets. They told him of a captain who needed to replace a Yeoman, and asked if he could do the clerical work that came with it. Using his newly found skill of persuasion, he talked them into hiring him.

He was to report to The Maverick the following morning as they made a run to a small coastal city to drop off wood and pick up payments and other supplies. The following morning he met with Captain Ren, and learned of all of his duties as Yeoman. The first few trips went very smoothly, he did the clerical work on everything, and even found some down time to hang out on the deck with the other sailors. One day, however, Captain Ren learned of a crew member stealing food from the dry reserves. Ren slit the crew members throats and told them all that if they didn’t work as a crew, another would be punished. Small things began to happen around the ship, and bigger things happened to the crew. Lucian began to understand why the Yeoman job opened up.

One night, on a run to Neverwinter, the crew attacked the captains quarters in a mutiny. After the failed coup had ended, Ren had the entire crew draw straws. The 5 shortest straws would be thrown overboard, with a cannon ball strapped to them. Even, though Lucian had helped the Captain, he still had to draw. Drawing one of the smallest straws, they chained a cannonball to him, and threw him over.

He would of died had it not been for the Fey Spirit Leira, who saved him and brought him to a deserted island. They became close, and Lucian devoted his life to her teachings. She gifted him the power of magic and allowed him to go back to Waterdeep to join another sailing vessel. As he continued to sail and adventure, she helps fuel his hunger for knowledge about magic by passing along arcane texts.

On his most recent trip to Neverwinter, Johnny Charming convinced him to smuggle him on board so he could get free passage to Neverwinter. After they arrived, Captain Monroechased him off and throughout the city.

Lucian Pentagast

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