Johnny Charming

half elf, rogue, charlatan


5’1", and 118lbs, Johnny Charming’s short white hair, clear skin and silver eyes catch the eyes of all the girls he meets, even the wary.


Johnny Charming’s the smoothest man to ever walk on land. Cool, cunning, and sometimes even scheming. He loves convincing people that junk is valuable, and learned everything from his mentor. He’s driven by establishing a reputation, and “being somebody”. He hates it, but when it really comes down to it, he’ll save himself above anyone else. He hates fighting, but does what he needs to to make a profit.

Johnny and Wren Nackle used to run a racket together in Waterdeep where Wren would pretend to be beaten up by somebody in a gambling fight until someone volunteered to fight him himself then he would beat the crap out of them and win the money they gambled on themself.

He got frustrated with the group and left in the night, leaving this note:
“Lucy, you were a great bud, Wren, your strength is hilarious, but the group will not let me lead and JC is second to none. We’ll catch up sometime, best of luck. "

Johnny Charming

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