Gwiston Gardener

stout halfling, monk, hermit


Dark skinned, Gwiston has startling green eyes, peeking out from fleek eyebrows, made all the more prominent by her lack of hair. She wears one inch bone plugs in her earlobes. Thin, she’s still muscular in a sexy way.


After getting into a perilous predicament due to their own curiosity and reliance on luck, Gwiston’s parents swore to repay the monks who saved them by giving their firstborn to the monastery at Mirabar. Having spent her life in the monastery, Gwiston is a well trained and disciplined monk. A master of serenity and secrecy. However, her parents’ drive for adventure was also passed on to her. When it comes to travelling outside the monastery to assist in even the most menial task, Gwiston always volunteers, viewing it as a way to test herself and to help work towards restoring peace to the realm.

Gwiston Gardener

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