Ferrin "Fancyfeet" Fauren

lightfoot halfling, rogue


Born in the above ground town of Mirabar, Ferrin lived with his large Halfing family. Both parents worked in taverns as bar hands and spent their time outside of work on their small plot of land farming and brewing ale or mead. Though life was never hard for him and he loved his family, he had dreams of exploring the world. Any chance he had to leave his little home and wander the great river or explore the Dwarven city below, sneaking around in places he was not supposed to be, just to see if he could do it.

One day, at the age of 23, he saw a great ship in port loading a new shipment of precious metals. He had seen the ship many times over the years and heard the men talk in the tavern of their great travels all across the land. In that moment he ran up to the ships captain and bargained a place on its crew. He went home, gave his goodbyes and set off on the Twilight Crypt.

Over the next long while, Ferrin grew to love his life on board. He was small, but he was handy on board. Captain Hollow took a special interest in the little Halfling, do to his jovial nature and curiosity (though after some time Ferrin realized he took a special interest in all the young lads aboard). Being a swordsman of great fame, he began to teach him the art of the swashbuckler. Swashing and buckling, every which way. After many years of this dreamlike life, only peppered with sour moments of storms and hard work, the Captain grew old and died (classic humans). Before passing, by a number of months, the Captain told Ferrin to leave the Twilight Crypt as he did not want “Ferrin to remember him as a dying old man”. He was a great love in his life, so Ferrin struggled but accepted the request. As a parting gift, the Captain arranged a position on a ship with an old friend based in Luskan.

It was thought that the ship was a refutable trading ship moving furs and food along the coast, but as Ferrin joined the crew, he quickly discovered that this was a smugglers ship. Having always been curious, small, and nimble, in his past, Ferrin had found himself in many questionable positions involving burglary or trespassing (getting caught one or two times never dissuaded him much) So, his new home on the Dark Mistress was one he quickly grew to love. He discovered his race and previous teachings in the way of the Swash proved very helpful, and he found a well established place in his crew.

Ferrin "Fancyfeet" Fauren

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