Captain Jack Hollow

human captian


A short man with golden hair and green eyes. A slender man, easily underestimated due to his slight frame, he cultivated a thick mustache to enhance his mystique.


A swordsman of great fame, Captain Hollow would teach every promising young sailor the art of the swashbuckler. His ship Twilight Crypt was based out of Waterdeep but sailed all over the world.

A big-hearted man, he would often buy ship’s boys from families with too many mouths to feed, and free them upon reaching maturity, to work a sailors wage for him or leave as they saw fit. Lucian was brought aboard his ship in that manner when the Twilight Crypt stopped in in Baulder’s Gate.

As he grew old, Hollow’s love for Ferrin drove him to ask the younger man to leave the ship, because he did not want Ferrin to remember him as a “dying old man” As a parting gift, Hollow arranged a position on a ship with an old friend based in ”/wikis/luskan" class=“wiki-page-link”>Luskan.

Captain Jack Hollow

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