Amber Fireforge

hill dwarf, barbarian


Short and stocky, her muscles are remarkable even for a dwarf. Her auburn hair emphasizes her ruddy complexion. She was named for her amber colored eyes.



Her mother’s name was Riswynn Rockseeker, born and raised in Phandalin. Baern Fireforge was a wandering barbarian that came to sell furs and stayed for Riswynn’s delicious baked goods. Riswynn was sweet and kind where Baern was surly and grumpy. When Riswynn died, Baern took four-year-old Amber back to his barbarian tribe.

She left to live on her own in Neverwinter Forest, and once tracked down a poacher with Nix (Nissa) Nackle. She frequents Landsberg Inn in Neverwinter when she comes to town to trade.

Amber’s Journal Part 1

- Got to Neverwinter yesterday and checked in to Landsburg Inn like usual. After trading furs and trinkets around town today, asking after news and gathering a few supplies, I stopped for a few drinks in the pub before heading to bed. Lucian was there, and in typical fashion he wandered over to me and started prattling about his latest misadventures. Seems he’d gotten in some sort of trouble for smuggling one of his friends aboard his ship, or some sort of thing. It wasn’t too disagreeable to listen for a bit. I was surprised, though, when kin of mine came into the pub. Gundren Rockseeker was looking for a party to escort some supplies down to Phandalin, and he mentioned to me asides that he knew of an opportunity to make a fair amount of gold. Things got even more out of kilter when my old ally Nyx stormed in dragging her brother Wren and some other scoundrel, name of Johnny Charming, with her. I was of a mind at that point just to get to my bed – pub was getting too loud and crowded for me – but Gundren seemed pretty desperate, so I vouched for Lucian and Nyx, and Nyx said she was dragging along Wren and Johnny… Gundren said that was a good enough party for him, and that there’d be fifty gold pieces waiting for us when we delivered the supplies to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin.

- Some guarding party we are. Set out this morning and hadn’t gotten far when we found a couple of dead horses on the road, killed with black arrows. Didn’t take long to see they’d belonged to Gundren and his friend, Sidar, but no sign of them, and while we’re thinking what to do, we’re jumped by six goblins. We took a fair thrashing but killed five of them and went after the sixth one, which ran off when it saw the fight wasn’t going to end well for it. I was hoping we’d find where Gundren had gone, cause I suspect the goblins are to blame for his dead horses and missing self. But after traipsing through the woods for a bit, we found a cave across a creek from us, and Nyx and Lucian were in fine fettle, tripping over themselves trying to cross that creek. Sure enough there were goblins guarding the cave, and once they were alerted to us, we didn’t hold up well. Had to fall back dragging the two gnomes who were wounded pretty bad, so we continued to Phandalin hoping to recover a bit, though I’m still determined to go back to that cave and find my cousin. The inn here is called Stonehill, and the owner, Toblen, kindly offered me half price on two rooms, but Johnny Charming spun some deceitful story about reviewing inns or some such, and then he promised the innkeeper we’d get rid of the goblin pests – not a promise I’m sure we can keep – and Toblen insisted on giving us all rooms for free.

- Frustrating day. Delivered goods to Barthen, who paid us the agreed amount, before heading back to the cave to find out what we could. There were sentries again, but Johnny snuck up on them this time. Don’t quite know what to think of him – mostly he seems slick and greasy. I think he’s a charlatan and a scoundrel, and I don’t like him, but every now and again he proves useful, though I disapprove of his methods at the best of times. To the point, though, we killed the three goblin sentries and Nyx got us past some wolves in the cave entrance. Killed some more goblins inside the cave and got information from another that Gundren was taken someplace called Cragmaw Castle. By that time, though, we’d taken enough of a beating from our skirmishes that we had to come back to Stonehill Inn to rest for the night.

Amber’s Journal Part 2

- This morning we gained a new member of our party, and this afternoon I let my temper get the best of me and nearly got myself killed with a foolhardy rush on the goblin cave. I’m lucky Nyx was there to save my sorry carcass. We did, regardless, find Sidar and get him out of the goblin cave. Did some bargaining with a bugbear to pull that off. Once again, Johnny Charming proved himself useful in that regard. Pulled some trickery or other to fool it into giving Sidar up. Not sure if it makes me respect him or just dislike him more. Also saw a good amount of the provisions that have been going missing from the supply caravans to Phandalin. At least I’m guessing that’s what they are. After getting back to the inn and resting up a bit, we talked to Sidar, but he’s got no clue what’s become of Gundren. By this time it was getting close to nightfall, and I was inclined to get some shuteye, but Lucian convinced me to go out with him, Wren and Johnny to the local tavern, the Sleeping Giant. I wrote earlier that I wasn’t sure if I respected Johnny – I take that back. I don’t. Seriously beginning to question Lucian’s intelligence too. Long story short, they tried to run a con on some local thugs and it backfired, getting them into a brawl. Lucian killed one of the thugs, for which he received the reward of unconsciousness for himself and Johnny, at which point I tried to mediate a bit and get them out of there, but the little spitfire gnome Wren was still on the attack, so they weren’t having any of it. I gave up and left them to their own devices; no way I’m sticking my neck out for fools who insist on digging themselves graves.

- Seems as though the three boys got themselves out of that alleyway eventually. Saw them back at the inn this morning, looking the worse for wear, but back on their feet at least. Gwiston, our new companion from yesterday, questioned me about our travels so far over breakfast. She is a Halfling, and a monk, and she doesn’t seem half bad. She, Lucian and I split up and spent the day wandering the town, asking around about Cragmaw Castle and the goblins. We found out some interesting things: The town’s not only got a problem with goblins, but orcs as well, and the town manager is willing to pay good gold to be rid of them. I was right about the provisions in the goblin cave; they belong to a shop called Lionshield, and the proprietress offered me fifty gold to return those. Townsfolk are also complaining about the local thugs I was introduced to last night – they’re called the Redbrands, and they’re holed up in a manor just outside of town called Tresendor. Their leader is called Glass Staff. Nobody has heard of Cragmaw Castle, though Narth did mention that Tresendor Manor was a bit like a castle, and he wouldn’t be surprised if there was a goblin infestation there. It’s got me wondering… could there be a connection between the goblins and the Redbrand ruffians?

Amber’s Journal Part 3

-The group agreed to go after the Redbrands, so we set off for Tresendor Manor yesterday morning. We’d met another Halfling the night before – name of Fancyfeet – and he shared Johnny and Lucian’s room – he brought us a note from Johnny saying that he had left. Not long after, a Dragonborn stormed in looking for him. Apparently Johnny Charming had insulted his mother and roughed up the town mayor, and he was seeing vengeance. He joined us as we left for Tresendor, looking to blow off some steam on the ruffians. We met five ruffians and dispatched them quickly. Fancyfeet put himself to work sneaking around the manor, scouting out the area and the building. Inside, we found a cellar with foodstuffs and a cistern with a pack of potions and travel clothing… Fancyfeet drank one of potion and became invisible to scout further in. After a time, he returned to tell us that he had found sarcophagi and skeleton warriors, prisoners and guards, and a room with weaponry and uniforms. We ventured further, but attracted notice and had to battle more ruffians. We left one alive and interrogated him, getting some good information about our enemies. Then we continued on to try and help the hostages. I led the charge into the skeleton room alongside Grim, the Dragonborn we’d met, who is a fearsome giant of a lizard, and one I was glad to have by my side – the skeletons, however, seemed to think he was fearsome as well, and so settled their attentions on me. I was wounded to unconsciousness, but not for long, though I was still weakened and had to retreat to guard the Redbrand we’d interrogated for the remainder of our foray in the mansion. The rest of the day is fuzzy… I seem to have recovered a bit this morning, however.

Amber Fireforge

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