Dungeons and Dragons: Emphasis on Dragons

Cleaning Caves & Outkilling Orcs

30 Alturiak 1489
Upon arriving at the inn and realizing they will need to pay for their rooms, Ferrin suggests they sleep at Qelline Alderleaf’s. Qelline, called Q by Ferrin, is happy to have visitors in exchange for stories and them watching Carp the next day. She also asks Ferrin to check on Sister Garaele, who has come back to town a little more battered than normal from her trip.

1 Ches 1489
Grim has a strange dream, but doesn’t say anything to the group. The group, still minus Lucian, heads to the Shrine of Luck with Carp so Q can get her chores done. Sister Garaele gives Grim some holy water and explains she was searching for a spellbook when the local banshee got a lil irritated about her manner of asking. She asked the group to ask Agatha where Bowgentle’s spellbook is now, in exchange for three healing potions. They agree to think about it, and drop Carp back off at home.

Then they head to Cragmaw Hideout to retrieve Grim’s mom’s supplies. Nyx tries to send Reginold ahead to scout, but the fox just brings back a stick. Nevertheless, the group is able to dispatch the outside guard and sneak into the cave. Ferrin and Grim insist on climbing the trash shoot their companions couldn’t climb last time, and Grim is able to get to the top and tie a rope.

Upon reaching the top, it they find Yeemik has indeed killed Klarg. He tells the group he didn’t get the zapping power, and about half the goblins died in the takeover, but now he has five goblins under his rule and is quite happy. He doesn’t want to give back his provisions, but is convinced that he should take over the Cragmaw Clan with his newfound power. In exchange for another magic potion, Yeemik agrees to leave them the supplies they stole.

Upon returning to town to tell Linene her supplis have been liberated, she gets upset at Grim for not telling her he wasn’t going to be home for dinner. Ferrin gets punched in the throat as he tries to sneak up beside her to whisper advice, and Linene pays Amber the reward she promised. The crew heads back to Q’s to sleep.

2 Ches 1489
The next morning, the crew heads out to kill orcs at Wyvern Tor. They stop by Barthen’s Provisions, and Elmar Barthen is very concerned that Grim’s mom didn’t give him food, and warns him about pushing away people who care about them. They start heading out and walk all day before setting up camp.

3 Ches 1489
On their way to Wyvern Tor, they are attacked by hobgoblins. They are quickly dispatched, but they had a bounty on Wren, signed Black Spider.

That evening, after much searching, they found the camp of orcs at Wyvern Tor. A hard fought battle and they won without anyone dying. They slept that night in the orcs camp despite the smell.

Ches 4 1489
That morning they headed to Agatha’s hut and got ambushed by orcs.

Listen to the adventure here!


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