Dungeons and Dragons: Emphasis on Dragons

Banishing Banshees and Thumping Twig Blights

4 Ches 1489
After a quick nap, the group heads on to Conyberry, where Lucian has been waiting for them after recovering from his drunkenness. That night they head out to talk to Agatha. They offer her two garnets, which she takes and answers their question about Bowgentle’s book before disappearing. The group goes back to Conyberry to sleep for the night.

5 Ches 1489
A rainy travel day back to town.

6 Ches 1489
Arriving back in Phandalin, they visit the Shrine of Luck to tell Sister Garaele what they learned about the spellbook’s location. She is pleased by the information, pays them, and tells them about the [Harper] group. The group is not entirely sure the Harper group is an honorable one, and so leaves quickly.

From there they head on to the Townmaster’s Hall to collect their orc reward. Harbin Westor is not pleased to see Wren again, but Grim manages to persuade him to forgive him in return for his gold and ring back.

Upon returning to Q’s she asks for help with chopping wood and says she likes his friends. She gets them all drunk that night, Nyx wins the drinking contest, and Wren spends the night with her.

That night, Ferrin sneaks into the Townmaster’s Hall and searches his papers and finds two letters mentioning Iarno Albrek, which he takes. He talks to the busy Redbrand in the lock up, Elewn, and releases her on her word she won’t run away. Of course, once they’e out of the Townmaster’s Hall, she books it. He returns to Q’s barn.

7 Ches 1489
Lucian, being horrible at drinking, is hungover again. Ferrin reveals the letters he found, and mentions Wave Echo Cave. Grim remembers the cave from history and recounts the lore he knows. They go to the Lionshield Coster to sell some goods, then visit Daran Edermath, who expresses gratitude for the adventurer’s clean up efforts for the town. He mentions Old Owl Well has had some problems with the undead recently. They head out that day and travel halfway to Thundertree, but not before Daran gives Lucian a small keg of apple brandy.

8 Ches 1489
A hot sunny day, the group travels all day and arrives at Thundertree at nightfall. As the come into town, they run into a bunch of tree blights. In an old brewery they find ash zombies. The third house they find belongs to Reidoth the Druid, and they also find Droop and meet Raven Kindness. Reidoth asked that they drive off the young green dragon before they left, and said Kindness would be able to show them where most things in the region were.

9 Ches 1489
The next morning, the group goes to persuade the green dragon to go away. Grim tries to speak to it in Draconic, but it responds in Common. After trading a few insults, he attacks with his poison breath, instantly killing Amber. After a hard-fought battle, the green dragon takes off to leave, and Grim gets one last javelin shot off before it flees. Searching through the treasure, the group finds a battleaxe named Hew that Grim takes. The group buries Amber and returns to the druids hut to rest.

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